Living in Aloha

For everyone that knows me knows I’ve always tried to have a smile on my face. In times of depression, and heartache I have always tried my best to keep everyone else smiling. You know, I feel that’s all we have these days. Definitely is one of the best medications, and in this day of age, that’s the only way I “Try” to practice self medicating. Enough about that, let’s get to the aloha.

Picture yourself in a new town where you know nobody. You live a 30 min drive down the freeway in a different city. A town of the bold and the beautiful. From surfers, skaters, and beautiful sunsets, a place called Huntington Beach.

At the young age of 21, I’m sitting next to the apitomy of beauty, hoping to get a job. Yes, a man I’m speaking about. Don’t worry, I’m happily married and I’ve got alot to tell you about her in another post…just wait.

After 6 months of becoming great friends with 6 great guys (I mean come on, they used to be backup dancers for n’snyc!) they invite me to take a trip of my life to paradise. With no place to live, and no money in the bank I pack a bag, grab my guitar, longing for a surfboard, and buy a one way ticket to a place I’ve only seen in movies, a destination like no other, not knowing that this would change my perspective on life and how to treat people. A island we all know called Oahu.

Days pass with no place to rest my head. The worry kicks in, money is running out. I’m desperate! Then someone answers my request. Back then I used
My new roommate is gay!! Trust me, that’s not the big surprise…at all. “He” only has a lanai, which for those of you unfamiliar with Hawaiian tongue, is a balcony. A queen size bed, a dresser, and 3 feet of space. $450/month. Trust me it’s better then sleeping on the beach.

I arrive on the island and show up at “his” house, only to be greeted by someone else. This 19-20 year old doesn’t wear tops, but loves his star studded spandex. He swings his 4 ft long blonde braid around his back and says

“Ooooh baby!! You must be Joey”.

I replied “Yes I am.”

This young man proclaims while lifting one arm in the arm ever so gracefully ” you are not living with “him” honey, let me introduce you to CUKIE JONES.” Then I look down a dark hallway, the sound of an rc motor is roaring and out comes Ms. Cukie Jones, on a electric wheelchair,  a 550 pound gay-pride-charity-winning-drag-queen. SHE is in a full moo moo with a chiquita banana woman headpiece on. Honestly, it was amazing.

For the next two months I lived with Cukie, and got to know Cukie, and really got to learn about a whole new culture I have never experienced. I say two months because Cukie was hit by a drunk driver in the middle of the night while going to pick up Her prescription. I was devastated. I sat at her hospital bed and she told me to “just go home. Not to worry, I’ll be fine.” As I hug Cukie and walk out of the hospital I never knew those were the last words Cukie would speak to me. I never got to tell her how amazing of a person she was, that she made the most delicious lasagna any chubby kid could ask for, that she opened her arms and her heart without ever knowing me. That she showed me “Aloha.”
This was my first experience with true Aloha. An experience, I wanted to embrace. More of a lifestyle. She changed the way I think, act, and live. Never judge a book by it’s cover. Never forget to tell people how you make them feel. Be real, talk story, enjoy the daylight, cause you never know if you will see the sunrise or the sunset again. Peace and love and always

Check her out. Just one amazing person. Cheers to all of you. Thanks for reading.



One comment

  1. Shawn · July 11, 2015

    Well said Joey!
    “Aloha” the most watered down word in hawaiian culture still means the most. It’s a hard feeling to describe true “aloha” one just truly feel it and embrace it. Joey you did that, HAWAIIAN!


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