Helloha Everyone! A quick introduction for you to feed on

Thanks for stopping by to check out some of my crazy stories. I will warn you now, (yes you family members!) this blog is very honest and true. This site will have some over the top situations as well as when I have experienced and some pretty low ones. If you thought I was an angel HA, tell the bartender I’ll have another scotch.

From living with a drag queen, skydiving, my first real girlfriend, first time in handcuffs,┬ábeing a rock star on the sunset strip, my ongoing journey with weight loss and “fitting-in”, waking up with a bunny rabbit in my room, working on a booze cruise, my stories of Hawaii, long beach, Sacramento, RENO, Las Vegas and Motley Crue, bachelor party, and getting married to a real life “jasmine” from Aladdin, I pretty sure I’ve got some stories that will keep you entertained. So cozy up, relax, and enjoy yourself as I open up your eyes to the memories in my mind.