ThE MorninG AfteR

2015-10-17 09.17.10

Thought that title would catch your eye.

For your information it’s the morning after performing a rock show! Last night was epic. My first show in a couple of years. My hair is much shorter, I’ve put on a couple of pounds (hey haven’t we all) but the feelings you get, the adrenaline is incomparable! The nervousness I get is like playing my first gig, or going on my first date. Almost like my first kiss, I question every move I make.

Constantly thinking am I entertaining?

Does this sound ok?

Am I gonna forget my lyrics?

Was I suppose to sing there?

Did I forget something?

All these factors come into play when playing your first gig or any gig. The excitement of the crowd is what fuels me. The smiles on people’s faces, the fist pumping, beer chugging, and just watching everyone sing along to your songs. I thank God for this opportunity to be able to do what I love. I guess I can call my self an artist. With that being said there is nothing more rewarding than the amount of love, hugs, high fives, and new friends you get the opportunity to make after stepping off a stage. The time and effort that goes into your preparation is all worth that 45 min set. This new band of mine called The Rollix started 3 weeks ago. Yes, seriously three weeks ago. There I was sitting on the couch, scrubbing new leads for my ever so stressful sales job when I looked over at my wife (if you don’t know her she looks like princess Jasmine from Aladdin) ((in fact she doesn’t even know but one of my band mates buddies asked me “who’s your hot friend in the blue shirt, my buddy is way down with that. CAN YOU HOOK IT UP?” I had a feeling he was talking about my wife but wanted certainty. It feels so good knowing my wife is still as sexy as I think of her and im so blessed to wake up next to her every morning))and I said “Babe, I think I wanna join a band.” She told me you should, you love singing so much. The moment I stepped into the rehearsal studio at Bedrock in Echo Park I felt this energy just come forth. I’ve been so much happier, feel so much more alive with these band mates.

   Speaking of, these dudes are straight characters. The guitarist Alex is this Asian stallion on the axe and just rips that guitar just as hard as he rips his vape pen all day everyday. So technical, so precise, and can change guitar sings mid song while still playing. Basically he’s a badass.

    Robb is the Head Honcho. This crazy dude booked our first gig after 3 hours of rocking out with me. He’s plays multiple instruments is a dad, and working 2 full-time jobs as an x-ray technician and still has time to come practice and want to play shows. When it comes to drive and sacrifice you will find what is important to you and make time to do what you love.

     Now on to the heavy hitting “lord of the drums” Bollet. Yes “it’s like bullet with an O.” Dude, this guy gets married in February takes a weekend off to spend with his new wife then they practically don’t see each other for months to save enough money and move to the United States from BRAZIL!! No lie they moved here like 6 months ago. Just bought a brand new car, no miles on it, and they don’t even have a Driver Licence yet! How ballin is that? Wait Bollet the Baller? Sounds about right. He doesn’t work just plays drums in like 7 different bands, makes money playing shows, kicks a hole Lotta ass spinning his sticks mid drum solo just showing off his skills.
It was a killer first show. 3 hours of sleep cause I had to much of that “gramps cough siZurrrp” and left my truck over night and had to pick it up before the meters start charging then drive to Korea town to drop off my drummers equipment and now I can’t fall back asleep. I smell like a homeless person, my “signature knee drops at the right beat” really take a toll on your body when you’re in your 30’s (yea I’m old shut up) jk but it was sooo with it!

Last night just goes to say, if you have ever had a passion inside of you, some type of creative outlet, may it be music, dance (Jaclyn), painting, comedy, photography, singing, sports, speaking, helping others, creating clothes, etc. whatever it may be, let it out. I repeat LET IT OUT!! You will feel so much better. When you can put your heart and soul into something you are so very passionate about, the rest of the world goes blank, your worries will disappear while you’re in that moment because, for that moment you are doing what you love. And Love will save the day.
Here’s a song I wrote a couple of years back


Single formation
Say 100s of wishes
With no fulfillment

Got no desire
To be the richest stiff
In the cemetery

So let’s abuse some substance
When we fight for nothing
Would you be on my side?
Through broken homes I’ve grown
My true colors have shown
From a zero to a hero

Love (love)
Will save the day (save the day)
It’s a private menu
But a all night venue
Love (love)
Will save the day (save the day)
Love will save the day

You showed up in the cold of the night
Where the freaky little people always
Wanna meet you but everybody knows people always see through.
Ask me one little question baby and I knew I knew I knew
Tomorrow rolling in so fast in front of us. Anything you know we can make it through

Love (love )
Will save the day (save the day)
It’s a private menu
But an all night venue
Love (love)
Will save the day (save the day)
Love will save the day……

Hope to see you at our next gig.


The sound, the buzz

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Well, I Never….”

I must say garage tattoos are a big NO NO. Got my first tattoo when I was 15 years old. Hid it from my mother till I was 18. Thought I was cool, yet deep down inside I was embarrassed.

I played a little football. Short and chubby, so being a lineman was a perfect fit. The senior class “Varsity” team called me big punisher. Named after the rapper. Big Pun famous song “I’m not a player, I just crush alot”. So I decided to get big punisher tattooed by an inexperienced artist in Japanese. To top that, I had him try to make the name in a Chinese finger trap. Well, that tattoo gets retouched everytime I sit down for new ink.

Lesson learned… sit in a real shop with a real artist or get ready to get a much larger tattoo surrounding your poor choices. Do I regret the tattoo… never. Would I make sure nobody else does it, absolutely

Lip tattoos and Booze cruise

Beginnings don’t have to start when we are born. We grow, we change, we experience, we live.


Picture yourself, distant from family and a life you are used to. On a tropical island. Time for a change, a reinvention, or just a time to reevaluate you life. Spending time on a surfboard in the middle of the ocean waiting for the next set is just mind altering.
   We take pieces of our life and build the best of ourselves. Like a quilt, we take all the experiences we have and mend them together to create the best us. It sounds selfish, but self image is so necessary for the pursuit of happiness. Happiness starts from within and radiates to the people around you. Love can heal, love can mend your soul.

Living in Aloha

For everyone that knows me knows I’ve always tried to have a smile on my face. In times of depression, and heartache I have always tried my best to keep everyone else smiling. You know, I feel that’s all we have these days. Definitely is one of the best medications, and in this day of age, that’s the only way I “Try” to practice self medicating. Enough about that, let’s get to the aloha.

Picture yourself in a new town where you know nobody. You live a 30 min drive down the freeway in a different city. A town of the bold and the beautiful. From surfers, skaters, and beautiful sunsets, a place called Huntington Beach.

At the young age of 21, I’m sitting next to the apitomy of beauty, hoping to get a job. Yes, a man I’m speaking about. Don’t worry, I’m happily married and I’ve got alot to tell you about her in another post…just wait.

After 6 months of becoming great friends with 6 great guys (I mean come on, they used to be backup dancers for n’snyc!) they invite me to take a trip of my life to paradise. With no place to live, and no money in the bank I pack a bag, grab my guitar, longing for a surfboard, and buy a one way ticket to a place I’ve only seen in movies, a destination like no other, not knowing that this would change my perspective on life and how to treat people. A island we all know called Oahu.

Days pass with no place to rest my head. The worry kicks in, money is running out. I’m desperate! Then someone answers my request. Back then I used
My new roommate is gay!! Trust me, that’s not the big surprise…at all. “He” only has a lanai, which for those of you unfamiliar with Hawaiian tongue, is a balcony. A queen size bed, a dresser, and 3 feet of space. $450/month. Trust me it’s better then sleeping on the beach.

I arrive on the island and show up at “his” house, only to be greeted by someone else. This 19-20 year old doesn’t wear tops, but loves his star studded spandex. He swings his 4 ft long blonde braid around his back and says

“Ooooh baby!! You must be Joey”.

I replied “Yes I am.”

This young man proclaims while lifting one arm in the arm ever so gracefully ” you are not living with “him” honey, let me introduce you to CUKIE JONES.” Then I look down a dark hallway, the sound of an rc motor is roaring and out comes Ms. Cukie Jones, on a electric wheelchair,  a 550 pound gay-pride-charity-winning-drag-queen. SHE is in a full moo moo with a chiquita banana woman headpiece on. Honestly, it was amazing.

For the next two months I lived with Cukie, and got to know Cukie, and really got to learn about a whole new culture I have never experienced. I say two months because Cukie was hit by a drunk driver in the middle of the night while going to pick up Her prescription. I was devastated. I sat at her hospital bed and she told me to “just go home. Not to worry, I’ll be fine.” As I hug Cukie and walk out of the hospital I never knew those were the last words Cukie would speak to me. I never got to tell her how amazing of a person she was, that she made the most delicious lasagna any chubby kid could ask for, that she opened her arms and her heart without ever knowing me. That she showed me “Aloha.”
This was my first experience with true Aloha. An experience, I wanted to embrace. More of a lifestyle. She changed the way I think, act, and live. Never judge a book by it’s cover. Never forget to tell people how you make them feel. Be real, talk story, enjoy the daylight, cause you never know if you will see the sunrise or the sunset again. Peace and love and always

Check her out. Just one amazing person. Cheers to all of you. Thanks for reading.


Helloha Everyone! A quick introduction for you to feed on

Thanks for stopping by to check out some of my crazy stories. I will warn you now, (yes you family members!) this blog is very honest and true. This site will have some over the top situations as well as when I have experienced and some pretty low ones. If you thought I was an angel HA, tell the bartender I’ll have another scotch.

From living with a drag queen, skydiving, my first real girlfriend, first time in handcuffs, being a rock star on the sunset strip, my ongoing journey with weight loss and “fitting-in”, waking up with a bunny rabbit in my room, working on a booze cruise, my stories of Hawaii, long beach, Sacramento, RENO, Las Vegas and Motley Crue, bachelor party, and getting married to a real life “jasmine” from Aladdin, I pretty sure I’ve got some stories that will keep you entertained. So cozy up, relax, and enjoy yourself as I open up your eyes to the memories in my mind.